The Game

Battle the enemies of the
Zone Empire with your laser gun using a dynamic combination of stealth, free-running and
laser combat.

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A battle at Zone Empire makes for an unforgettable experience for all. You bring the people; we’ll bring the battle with refreshments and fuel to keep the soldiers going.

Whats Included


For those who are looking to advance their combat skills, members receive game discounts and entry into Zone Empire’s infamous tournaments.

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Not for the faint at heart, our tournaments are designed to challenge and test your skills as a soldier. Compete in a team or on your own against enemy soldiers.


Dive into an action-adventure game that will pull you into a unique futuristic world.
Zone Empire focuses on revealing a deep, immersive experience while delivering lots of action, challenging combat and thrill.
Add to that giant outer-world robots and a reconfigured world and you’ve got a game with what it takes to stand up to the enemies of the Zone Empire. Feel your pulse race as you endeavour to complete your mission before the enemy does!